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Our Philosphy:


At Symbiotic Cultures our main goal is to preserve local ingredients and use microbes to unlock complex flavors of umami, sweetness, and acidity. We take pride in setting up the perfect environment for our desired microbes to flourish in to develop unique flavors. The necessary attention to detail, understanding of microbiology, and rich history is what gives us great appreciation for the craft of fermentation. 


Symbiotic Culture’s Microbe Farmer:


Michelle Pogostkin


My journey to fermentation started at the University of Washington while I was studying Anthropology. During my final year of university, I travelled to Italy to study the Anthropology of Food. It was there that I discovered that food is humankind's most notable display of collaboration. 

Inspired by this notion, I knew I had to pivot my career and moved to Lyon, France, the gastronomic capital of the world and study at Institut Paul Bocuse. 

There through my path of self discovery I found myself stepping away form the rigidity of French cuisine and being pulled into the arms of fermentation.

Naturally this led me to my decision to finish my studies working at  Noma’s fermentation lab - three Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

And here we are now. A symbiotic blend of all my experiences, people I’ve encountered and products I’ve tasted. 


Symbiotic Cultures.

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